Soft line, rounded design :
Concord refrigerators are designed with soft line, rounded edge doors, which give elegant and beautiful refrigerator appearance.

Strong wire shelves :
Concord refrigerators shelves are designed to carry heavy loads without breaking. The shelves are coated with low-density polyethylene material to ensure a long lasting, food safe and beautiful appearance.

Deodorizer system :
The Concord deluxe models are equipped with an antibiotic deodorizer system that keeps the refrigerators clean and free from bacteria and odors.

Rust free products :
Concord refrigerators are manufactured with the best quality metallic materials (prepainted steel sheets covered by polyethylene film).

No frost system :
Concord refrigerators are available with No-Frost, where a fan circulates the cold air in the refrigerator which prevents the building of frost on the food.

Optimum insulation :
Concord refrigerators are produced by the best CFC free foaming materials to ensure optimum insulation results, cooling performance and energy savings.

Low voltage variation :
Concord refrigerators utilize very high efficient compressors that can withstand large variations of voltage and temperature conditions.

Concord Uniform cold air distribution:
The cold air is uniformly distributed inside the refrigerator.

Concord operation:
Concord refrigerators are designed and produced with the most efficient compressors and cooling systems to ensure the best performance with the lowest noise levels possible.


Concord has become a world leader in refrigerator design and technology Due to :

1- Elegant design :
Concord refrigerators have been developed with the soft line, rounded door concept. They are available in different door design surfaces:
Plastified and high gloss marble design.

2- All sizes and requirements :
Concord refrigerators are available in all sizes to meet all requirements from the small 5 cubic feet to 29 cubic feet side-by-side deluxe refrigerator.

3- Long lasting products :
Concord refrigerators are produced by the best materials to ensure a long lasting and sturdy product.

4- Economical results :
Concord refrigerators are designed to give the customers the best value and saving in their products.

5- Best technology :
Concord refrigerators are produced by the best up to date production and quality control methods.

6- Environmentally friendly :
Concord refrigerators are designed and produced using the latest up to date environmentally friendly CFC Free materials.

Super fast cooling system
In any refrigerator the air circulates inside the refrigerator to the food.
Whenever you open the door of the refrigerator the cold air escapes and is replaced by warm air.
Therefore to insure the best cooling performances . The cooling system has to be the fast enough to compensate for the escaping cold air especially during heavy use (continuous opening and closing of the door).

Concord refrigerators are designed with a super fast cooling system that guaranties the best and fastest cooling performance.